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All LabTests Fast offers several lab testing programs to employers, physicians, chiropractors, dieticians, wellness programs, nutrition centers, health clubs, and other healthcare providers and organizations that are interested in enhancing the ability of their employees, patients, clients and customers to take responsibility for their health. Our programs may compliment the services you already offer and often expand testing alternatives for employees, patients, clients and customers who have special needs or limited resources.

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"OUT-TAKE" PROGRAM – we come to you

Let All LabTests Fast come to you. Our certified staff will draw the blood or take other specimens in the privacy and convenience of your office, business, home, community center or other location, with no down time and no delay. We can arrange regular visits at locations of your choice, on scheduled dates and times, or tailor a particular “OUT-TAKE” program to meet your special needs.

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More than ever before, both the public and the law are holding employers responsible for the actions of employees who abuse drugs or alcohol. It is well known that drug and alcohol abuse negatively affect the profitability of companies as well as detract from the health, safety and productivity of employees.

Let All LabTests Fast tailor a drug screening program to meet all of your employment needs, pre-employment, random, post incident, safety sensitive, reasonable suspicion, and other drug testing. Blood, urine, hair and other test specimens can be collected at your place of business or other convenient location, including our local testing center. We use multi-panel drug screens that are able to detect a wide array of illegal and commonly abused prescription drugs, and alcohol. Our tests are also capable of detecting adulterations.

We can also customize a drug test to meet any special requirements you may have as to the specimen collection process or the array of prohibited substances you want the test to identify.

In addition to urine and blood drug testing, we also do hair follicle drug testing to catch metabolites that remain embedded in the hair shaft for months. The hair follicle drug test helps avoid the common problem of a job applicant stopping the use of drugs just days or a couple of weeks before an interview, testing negative on a urine test, and then restarting the drug use shortly after getting hired.

Let our trained staff and mobile unit work for you and your employees. Please contact us today to learn more about this valuable, convenient and cost effective program.




We can provide the Medical Review Officer (MRO) service at no extra charge when we do the drug testing for your Drug Free Workplace program, which can lower your Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums.


Let All LabTests Fast design a health testing program that compliments your company’s wellness program and enhances your employees’ ability to take control and responsibility for their health care needs, and at deeply discounted, preferred prices.

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