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“I had the opportunity to use your company’s testing services last month. The staff at your facility made me feel comfortable and at ease during the entire testing process. It truly was a pleasure using your facility and I recommend it to everyone. It is fast and really affordable, which is especially important to me since I don’t have insurance but need regular testing.”

Bryan, Chicago

“Having a tendency toward high cholesterol, I like to get tested regularly. Your technicians always treat me very well and they are so quick and gentle. I don’t go anywhere else for my tests.”

Sharon, Dallas


Medical lab testing is proven to greatly aid in the detection and prevention of diseases. All LabTests Fast® offers individuals like you quick and affordable, direct-access to thousands of laboratory tests, the very same tests used by doctors, in a convenient, professional and reliable manner.




All LabTests Fast® performs thousands of lab tests for individuals like you, quickly, affordably, reliably and confidentially, without the need for insurance, an appointment or a prescription – we supply the doctor’s order at no extra charge.

To get tested, simply visit one of our full service labs and we will take care of everything when you arrive, or order online or by phone, and then visit one of our local collection centers. You may also use our Mobile Service for all your testing needs.

Take responsibility for your health – TEST TODAY!

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Mobile (On-Site) Service – We Come To You

Our certified staff will draw the blood or collect other specimens in the privacy and convenience of your office, business, home, community center, travel destination or other location, with no down time and no delay. The thousands of tests available at our store locations are also available through our Mobile Service.

Simply call or email us to arrange a convenient time and location. We are available 24/7, including after hours and on weekends and holidays. There may be an extra charge for use of our Mobile Service, which may vary by location.

Please contact us today to learn more about this convenient program. Call 1-877-492-LABS(5227) or email us at



This service is performed when a pill, powder or other substance is suspected of being a drug or it simply needs to be identified. It can also test for unknown chemicals, toxins and poisons.

Call us today to uncover the mystery that has been troubling you, 1-877-492-LABS(5227) or email us at



If you need friendly, knowledgeable medical professionals who are certified in phlebotomy services, look no further. All LabTests Fast® can provide all required blood draw and other specimen collection services quickly, affordably and reliably. We can come to your home, business, travel destination or other convenient location, or you may visit one of our clean, professionally staffed labs. We have convenient hours, including weekends and holidays, day or evening.

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All LabTests Fast® offers a variety of environmental testing services including surface testing and heavy metals testing. This service can test for drug residue and other substances on computers and other physical areas in and about your home. It is especially helpful to parents who want to ensure a safe home environment.

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